SBS드라마 - 언니는 살아있다

" Say no more flowers! "
Recently, there are stars shining in the main screen. They have one thing in common. It is the actor who acts as an idol group.

In the past, ' Idol performers ' had a negative perception. Poor acting skills, lack of character analysis, or lack of harmony with other actors often make it possible to make a difference in the extreme.

Some pointed out that actors from idol actors who wanted to take part in the role of actors who wanted to play the role of idol actors and actresses have died, and there is not an attractive sign for attracting attention or publicity.

However, recent changes are taking place. The performers of the idol performers show off their negative acting skills and dispel negative perceptions.

The number of talented performers from the SBS drama " Living Beauty, " which has played a role in the SBS drama " Living Beauty, " and the SBS TV drama, " You Are Watching Me, " are rising.

First of all, there is a flurry of rave reviews on Thursday morning and Friday morning after the SBS drama " You Were asleep " on SBS. While you sleep, the reservoir is ten days away.

She plays the role of ` Nam Hong-joo, ` a drama starring Yeong-hong, who plays the role of Yeo-jin.

Bae Su-ji, who starred in the film " Introduction to the Architecture of Architecture " in 2012, spurred his acting career. However, the expectation is that the expectations of the actor are rising, causing controversy over the performance of acting in the upcoming film.

However, Bae continued to work hard to break the mold of the " Nation's First Love. " Bae did not play the role of " Beauty, " which is not a sign of talent, and did not use the most powerful weapon in the process.

And the fruit flowered while you slept. He boldly cut his face, including a trademark, and even a trademark like a trademark, for the sake of the appearance of " Dangmosa Temple. " Also, the pronunciation of pronunciation has been noticeably improved, and the actual SBS reporter has met with a special SBS reporter for reporting lessons and counseling and asked for advice.

Bae Soo-ji, who filled the cast with her acting ability, is showing outstanding performances as actors and actresses, as opposed to the actor Lee Jong-suk.

In addition, Kim Dae-soom, a special drama writer at SBS, who recently finished her career in the SBS drama, also led a career in acting as a character.

Kim Tae-soo, who plays the role of " Yangdal-hee " in the middle of the drama, has lost all sorts of emotions, such as shame, resentment and anger.

In particular, he expressed his gratitude to viewers, saying, " I have drawn the viewers into the scene of the crime. "

Kim Da-soom, who steeled his acting career as an actor in the past, succeeded in transforming the actor's portrayal of the idol actor from idol backgrounds, and successfully changing his acting career to a villain.

Ryu Hwa-young is also active in the KBS TV drama " Mad Dog. " Ryu Hwa-young, who entered the acting stage in the first stage of the play in 2014, has accumulated various acting roles in the miniseries, weekend soap operas, and a one-act play. Finally, he finally shot Poten through ' Macbeth. '

Ryu Hwa-young received the most spotlight among the cast members of the cast. In addition to the intensified sexication of the action scenes, the scene of the action was added to the center of the conversation.

In particular, Ryu suffered from hardships and withdrawal from the controversy over the scandal, and was forced to take the spotlight after turning the spotlight on the controversy.

There were also many people who did not want to look at Ryu Hwa-young's move. Ryu Hwa-young, however, is still breathing cold eyes.

As a result, performers from aspiring idol bands who reach the Stiller Stiller stretch the " Idol, " meaning " Idol, " meaning " Idol, " which is the only expression of the word " actor. "
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