SBS드라마 - 언니는 살아있다

Actor Kim Ji-hoon (36) took off his suit and returned to a comfortable appearance.

Kim met with Han Joon-hee, a character who was tested for revenge for his family's revenge in the MBC TV drama " Thief Thief " last May. Kim Jeong-hun, a long breathing drama for the 50-part drama series, led the drama with Ji Hyeon-woo and Seo Seo-hyun.

Through the drama, Kim played a new role in portraying the complicated emotions of the people with unfortunate stories.

Kim Jeong-hun, who passed away from the Han River, told the story of Star Wars, " The Story of Acting, " and " The Story of Man, " and the story of Kim Ji-hoon.

Here comes MBC! Dong-A : How did you breathe with Kim Soon-ok, who collaborated with Chang Boo-ri?

Here you go! Chang Boo-ri was a funny drama and had fun. This time, Kim Sun-ok, the author of the book " The Age of Life, " was joined by Kim Sun-ok. This time, we seem to have lost our audience rating. Ha ha.

I wonder about the idea of marriage and romance.

I have never thought that I should marry. I have never thought deeply about marriage. If you meet a decent person, you may have met, but you haven't met yet. The ideal type is a deep and wise person. Age does not matter. I wish I were young enough to be young.

- Dreaming as an actor, what is your goal?

As an actress, I want to give credit to viewers and audiences. I want to listen to this story. Someday I hope I can fulfill my dream.
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