SBS드라마 - 언니는 살아있다

Q : I think I felt better about acting because I got a good evaluation.
Oh Yun-ah : I thought I only finished a piece of work, but I was shocked and bewildered. Actually, I'm not looking for comments from viewers or netizens. But this time he told me that he responded well. I felt proud and happy because I heard that it is a mainstream program. They looked at the kids, and they looked nice, but they were embarrassed when they talked to each other. I feel new. This time, I felt proud to feel loved by young people.

Q : I guess I felt that I grew up with a wide array of performances. The role of this role has been a lot of emotional acting.
Oh Yoon-ah : I feel it's getting harder and harder. The more you know, the more you need to show more, more, and more, the more you think about what you should do in the next piece. I'd like to show off my acting career if I have to play a lot of fighting spirit. I also feel it's not easy in that respect. And I guess I'm growing up without knowing. We've got all the records of the past. I can't wait to see myself in a rat hole, but I'm happy to see you grow up, but I'm happy to see you grow. Acting is happy in that sense.

Q : I've collected a lot of attention for this work. There is also a desire for the Prime Minister.
Yoon-ah : I haven't lost a bit of mourning for my reward, and I just hope it doesn't count for anything. I'm disappointed because I'm disappointed in my expectations. They're not greedy, but they don't expect it. That's comforting. I don't want to bother myself.
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