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" Oh My Lady " was a day-looking mother, while this time she was a mother of a polar bear who loves her daughter. Were there any parts of the play that were meant to be different or different? Oh Yoon-ah : When I enter characters, I tend to see his life and personality. " Oh Myum-bib " was never over the age of jealousy and always felt like he was staying at puberty. A woman who lives like a lord.

On the other hand, Kim Eun-hyang, who lives in " She's Alive, " thought of a woman who lives in a child's life and lived for a child. I wanted to show you that I was going to show you the kids, and I wanted to empathize with them. I wanted to see a child's death and a little crazy about it.

Actually, she's actually a mother. If you look at it, the real mother is closer to her than the real mother. " (laugh) Yoon-hee : Neither are they normal. I think I'm just halfway. I always want to grow up, but I can't keep up with her because I can't keep up with him, so I try to grow stronger to play my role. Outwardly, they're halfway around, but they're close to Eunhyang.
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