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Actress Oh Yun-ah, who is still in the drama 、My Sassy Girl, 、and 、Choi Yeong-hun, 、the drama 、The Age of Life, 、seemed to be absent from the character Kim Eun-hyung. When I remembered Kim Eun-hyang, I felt sad and sad. Then I felt deeply attached to it. Kim Eun-hyang, who cried and cried together for six months, was a highly emotional character.

、Long live Eunhaeng because she lives for a long time. It was sad that I couldn't get back. I cried in the car on the end of the day. When Eunhyang saw her life, she had a lot of time, but she was devastated. I lived in peace instead of Eunhaeng. I tend to concentrate on my work every time, but this one is very toxic. 、

Oh Yun-ah played the role of Kim Eun-hyang, who lost her husband in a fire accident and planned revenge for her revenge. It was not easy to act with tears beginning with tears and tears.

、As soon as I saw the script, I thought it would be too hard to do. 、I wanted to show you strong maternal love. Having enough charm as a woman, giving up everything and concentrating on a child, life collapses at once. It's a tough character, but I've tried to win because I want to gain sympathy from her. Anyone who looks like a normal mom has pulled out all sorts of gadgets to show me a look like a normal mom. 、

The meandering life of the life-worn family looked like the life of Oh's life. Yoon underwent a diagnosis of thyroid cancer in 2009 and underwent surgery in 2015 to get divorced in the eighth year of her marriage. Currently, a single mother, Oh Yoon-a, is a mother who is a mother who is less developed than her peers and tries her best as a mother.

、Actually, it was difficult for me to deal with my son's son, Yong-ju, and her son. Since I am a child with autism, I have developed a lot of developmental disabilities because my child is underdeveloped. So I think I understand and sympathize fully. The reason is that I am so immersed in the situation that I have failed to act in the audience. 、

Oh Yoon-a is currently working on a piece of work without a break. It is only three pieces this year. My sister, 、Oh My Lady, 、and 、The Diary of Light, 、are alive!Up to What drives him so prolific?

、Of course, it's a child. I'm the breadwinner. Especially important is the fact that I'm being consoled by acting. When I acted, I naturally forgot my worries. Without acting, I guess I couldn't have done it in a tough time. I thought, 、I can't have a smoke when I look at it in a tough way. 、I rely on acting and gain strength. I'm still lacking, and I want to show you a good performance as an actor. 、
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