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Q : Kim Eun-hyung's character has been intertwined with various characters in the drama. In the beginning, there were many scenes from Daeguljeong (Chang Seo-hee) and later (Song-ju) and Cho Jong-seung (Song Jong-ho).
Oh Yoon-ah : That's right. I depended on Chang Seo-hee at the beginning of my career. He was a perfect partner, and he was a real sister, and he turned out to be a lot like Eunhyang. I shed tears even when I wasn't acting.

Son Yeo-eun is a terrible person who lives in the drama, so she lives with her. I think that's something that's been painted in real life. I was able to read Seungyeong because I wrote a script for my writing, so I could write a script for her. I feel sympathy for you.

Q : Kemistry, in particular, received a very hot reception. It is enough to reach the best couple. " (Laughter)
Yoon-hee : We didn't really mean anything. I didn't set up anything, and I just followed the script. But the vibe was that almost two women were seeing a couple of girls, and I was really surprised to see the best couple talk. I've never ridden on a Best Couple, but I've been thinking about why I got up with her. "

Q : I noticed a comic book with my husband, Choo Tae Soo (Park Kwang-hyun). In particular, Park Kwang-hyun, the amusement park, made a laugh.
Oh Yun-ah : Haha, I thought I'd die laughing. There were lots of funny scenes, but they were hilarious because they saved them more. At the beginning, it was hard to catch emotion. However, Kim Eun-hyang, a character named Kim Eun-hyung, had a lot of devices to live in. And I tried not to look at it because it was so funny.
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