SBS드라마 - 언니는 살아있다

The long journey on the 68-part saga ended. The SBS weekend drama " My Sassy Girl, " which ended Friday, has had many ups and downs over the long haul. There was an early view of the viewer ratings and the intellectual and face-to-face drama of the story. Nevertheless, the actors and actresses did not release the drama until the end of the show and recorded the highest ratings of 24 percent at the end of the show. Yoon Eun-hya, who plays the role of Kim Eun-hyang, who lost her daughter and decided to avenge her daughter, is still deeply impressed with the drama.

" It was a long film because I filmed it for a long time. It is much more regrettable. It seems like there is a lot of bittersweet feeling.˝ I am saddened by the fact that I am loved by Eunhyang for a long time. ˝ I still cry, but I cried a lot in the car on the end of the day. Every time I did a lot of work, I focused more on my work, and I got more involved. Since he was emotionally deep in the beginning, he tried to concentrate himself on himself. Now, I can't hear him again without seeing Eunhaeng again. I am supposed to live away from Eunhyang, but I believe that she lives very bravely and happily.(laughter)

Kim Eun-hyang, a character whose sister is alive, is a mother who struggles with her beloved daughter, who is treated as a test taker. However, since the first episode, the daughter will die in a fire accident. The fires were caused by husband Choo Tae-soo (Park Kwang-hyun), and he lives for revenge after discovering his affairs. In the latter half of the play, he will be able to talk about the story of the Warmons, the husband of her husband and her friend, who is a friend of hers. Despite intense emotions and various emotions, he displayed a high concentration of emotions early in the day, releasing the character from the beginning.

In case of Eunhyang, the character of Hobunbo is a character. There is a point where viewers can be overpaid by viewers. I wanted to express myself persuasively, but there is something missing. But I did my best. I thought it would be hard to do this once I saw the script. I wanted to show strong maternal love. After having children at the end of seven test tubes, she lives a life of fascination, but in one moment, she doesn't fall apart at all. I wanted to empathize with these areas and I wanted to challenge them. So I tried to get rid of the gorgeous image in the drama and try to reach the ordinary mother. "

Many actors gather to say " physical warfare ". " My sister has decided to stay in the middle of the drama. " There were many times as many dramatic scenes as actors and actresses, as there was an actor who was mentally and physically challenged. However, Yoon expressed regret over the extension decision, saying, " I wish I could extend it further. "

" Of course, there was a physically challenging part of it. However, I wanted to extend more tools. Since the drama itself was spectacular, there was little to relax. So I hoped that the middle and the funny gods would come out. And I thought it would end up without regret, and the last thing I expected was great.The cast actors may feel tired, tired, and tired, but the viewer's love encouraged them. I am pleased to finish the final with the last. In other words, if you work overtime, there was a tough piece of work, and this piece was really cool. "

Her sister was struggling with the popularity ratings of the actress, unlike the actress Line Up and the Expectations of Kim Sun-ok. However, they recorded their own performances, recording the highest viewer ratings of 24 percent, and maintaining a 10-percent mark in the 20~49 viewer rating.

I thought it would work out. Because I knew the second half was strong. And your seniors were too enthusiastic. I was surprised to see Seo Chang-min, Seo Seo-hee, and Yang Jeong-won. Everybody who is doing well, I always thought that the drama was impossible, watching the drama and thinking about acting in the scene. Everyone seems to have acted well for each character. I also didn't have a god who didn't understand my character. It is surprising that I am very surprised to see the script, and I am surprised to see the script. "

Yoon will continue to build various spectra as an actress.

" I get a lot of sleep while acting. The hard times seem to have always been overcome by smoke. Looking at myself, I thought I shouldn't have acted. Since I am usually active, I would like to try to challenge myself later in life. I'm not inclined to lay myself open, so I think I'll be able to do anything positive. It's been 13 years since I started acting, and now I feel like I'm learning a little acting. I want to continue to be a more natural and expressive actor who continues to lash out on me. "
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