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Oh Yun-ah, who entered the show in 2000, became the first actor to win the title.

Yoon Yun-ah, who recently played the role of Kim Eun-hyung in the SBS drama " She's Alive, " played a deep role in her acting career. It was eight months or more of the time when Yoon's Jin-ah, who is growing endlessly in her debut, was exposed to fame.

Oh Yun-ah, who met with the newspaper at a café in Gangnam, Gangnam on December 25, said, " After finishing my life with a team of friends, I have a pleasant and fun trip to Jeju Island. "

" Kim Eun-sook bought me a bunch of gold medals. I told you to tell me this story." It was a great time for me to become familiar with the writer, although I enjoyed it when I worked with the director. It's always been fun to spend time with someone who gives me energy. "

Yoon Yoon-a, who finished her first effort to win a series of awards, including " My Sassy Girl " and " My Daughters- wol"bombers, wrote her gratitude to Kim Soon-ok, who came to the time when she needed her.

I enjoyed reading the works of Kim Sun-ok, including " Come on, Jang Boo-ri " and " My Daughters of My Daughters. " So it was so nice when I got a love-cool. (laughs) It's a silver spoon in my mouth. It's a silver spoon in my mouth. After finishing the ' Saimdang ', I tried to take a break for a while, but the teacher gave me a ride. It seems like the Eunhyang character was a role that required me to be too long for that period. I thought that I needed a piece of work to show my acting skills, rather than the ones that appeal to me, but I thought I'd appreciate it. " Thank you very much.

During her eight-month-old long run, Oh Yoon-a expressed her maternal desire for revenge after losing her child because of her maternal aunt.

" It wasn't easy for me to take a closer look, especially because it was the first time I've ever had emotion with emotion. Because it was a deeper immersion, I became more attached to it, and I think it's a memorable piece of work. The last thing I saw was the tears and the lingering emotions and regrets. Thank you very much. "

" I want to create a more convincing story in the second half, " said Oh Yoon-a, who explained, " My sister is still alive. " Although it was regarded as a " bad performance, " viewers praised Oh Yoon-a, who was " acting for life. "

" Now I'm a little older, and I've changed a lot in my life. So I guess those fluctuations in that kind of change can only be put into acting. I think it makes me think much better than I think. "

Oh Yoon-ah, who played the role of " Son of Sin, " and " Oh Eun-hyeon, " who played the odd role of her husband, shouted, " How could you do that? "

" If I were, I would never have been forgiven. But the author and Son of Yeon-eun created the relationship, saying, " I love the enemy. " I think I've been able to express my gratitude to her because I can't help getting along with her. I guess I couldn't feel sympathy if I had become friends with nothing. "
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