SBS드라마 - 언니는 살아있다

She is always cheerful and funny in the SBS drama ' My Sassy Girl '. I wish I could talk to a talk show because I'm really good at speaking. "

She went to Jeju Island with Chang Seo-huI, Byun Jeong-su, Kim Soon-ok and Choi Yeong-hun. Kim Soon-ok is known to have been taking vacations with actors who failed to earn vacation leave. Oh Yun-ah visited 2PM two days a day, but it was fun. The teacher bought me some money. She said, " Talk to me, " and I laughed at the author's familiarity with the author.

Kim Soon-ok, author of the drama, came from ' The Temptation of a Wife! ' Jang Boo-ri, ' My Daughter, ' and ' My Daughters, ' have set up a genre of drama dramas. Oh is not the type of person who is " funny, " even when she is concerned about the controversy over ' She's alive. ' There is a cool and delicate side. No matter how hard it may be, there is no attraction for viewers. He explained that he really knows the tendency of the public. " As a result, the character characteristics of the characters have clearly led to a good result. I added that I once thought about my writing again. "

In addition to the recent interview, she said, " I think it was a heartwarming and warm woman, " she said. He is especially warmhearted. I encouraged her to give me a lot of pep tips. I've been watching everything I've ever seen in the entertainment program, including running men. I thanked everyone for taking care of one of the actors. " I am grateful for the fact that I did not know how to do so. "
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