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Actress Sohn Yeon-eun (34) had to spend the last eight months biting his tongue. The tone of the voice itself was different. The latest drama, ' My Sister Is Alive! ' is alive!" It's hard to say that it was quite different from his usual appearance, but it seemed quite satisfactory to hear from him.

" I was worried about how I express myself differently, " said Sohn Yeon-eun, who expressed her willingness to express herself in the first place. In fact, I advised him to feel stressed out when he played the role of a villain, saying, " I can feel rid of stress. " " I feel stressed because I have to hate someone. " I thought it would remain empty if I had finished shooting at my house. " Still, " I feel sympathy for the audience, " he said. " I am glad that I am in charge of one of the worst musicians in the movie. "

Kim Sun-ok, author of " The Woman's Temptation " and " Chang Boo-ri, " drew a " bad character " by portraying a bad woman as a character rather than a hero. Although Sekyeong seemed to have a similar character, he was slightly different because he realized that he was suffering from breast cancer later in life. There is an element of change, but there is little difficulty in making an unfortunate attempt to commit an evil fate. Also, it seems odd to have sex with Hwang (Park Kwang-hyun). Was it comprehensible?

" I didn't have to do anything, " said Sohn Yeon-eun, " and I had to say, " You have never done anything but, " and " I have to express my selfish character. " I felt lonely and lonely, and I felt lonely and lonely because I didn't feel loved by my father. There was a feeling of scarcity coming out there. "

The death of Segyeong was not the first time that the publication was first received. However, it is a satisfactory setup. Son Yeon-jae said, " My father died of cancer last year. It was a script for my father once again, and I thought, " Who lives terminally ill? " I thought I'd act as if I were fit for them. " " I felt sad and saddened to learn that Seokgyo and Father Kupil (Son Chang-min) struggled to fight his son and didn't treat him well. " I shed a lot of tears when I saw the scene of the two men. "

One of the three bad women who took good care of one of the three bad women, who praised her for being " married, " and " Mom and Dad, " and " The Lord of the Rings, " succeeded in getting another spotlight. I wonder if this one is a " human invention. "

" I've never had a chance to date, " said Sohn Yeo-eun, " I think I've got a little bit of a life, " and " I've got a little bit of a small role. " There were times when there was a real bad time. But every single one of them matters. Then again, it is the motivation to be better able to do so. " There is a time when I can't act, " he stressed.

" I don't even feel like I want to show you something. I just try hard. I've done this for the next film, and I'll show you this next time. I don't think so. It's going to be crazy and greedy. Even though I didn't know anything about it when I was young, it wasn't right now. Don't you think there's a thrill coming from work? "

" I wish I could become an aspiring actress, " said Sohn Yeo-eun, who said, " I want to be an actress. " To be blue, it turns out to be a blank slate, but not completely blue. I hope I will continue to hope for blue and red color actors. "
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