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、My sister is alive, 、and 、My sister is alive. 、By the way, this week, I'm afraid this week won't release the preview and public video clips. Well, uh-oh, my sister wrote about the last episode. When you see a picture in the public eye, you will see a bicking-up (Jeon Su-kyung). In addition, Yang Dal-hee (Dasom), a black hat and black hat, appears to be trying to escape from the camp to the end of the day. Just thinking about it makes me sick. I want to change the poster about 、My sister is alive 、sometime. There is no reason why there should be no reason to go, and there are no characters on posters that are likely to go in.

The character of the second character, who played the role of Gunjeon, is known as the protagonist of the character, 、Dae-hee, 、and 、Yang Dal-hee (Dasom) 、and 、Yang Dal-hee (Dasom). 、Kim Eun-hyeon (yunna), of course, is hard at the beginning of the day, but now he is paying homage to the late bird, which is why he feels like the presence of the Son of Man, and the presence of the actress is reflected in the deep-rooted attraction of Kim Eun-hyeon (played by Jang Yeon-hee). To be honest, it seems like ` Dong-hyeon (Kim Joo-hyun) and ` Kim Eun-hyeon (Oh Eun-hyeon) seem to have lost revenge.

Meanwhile, Yang Dal-hee (Dasom) spends a flurry of twists and turns to see how the viewer likes and embellishes the viewer. But you know, those who have worked hard on dramas. If he had done well, he wouldn't have done anything wrong. So, I hope that Chairman Koo Chul-mo (Sohn Chang-min) will be punished. When I told her, 、My sister is alive, 、and 、My sister is alive. 、Just like MitsurI, Yang Jeong-hee (Yang Jeong-ah), Yang Dal-hee (Dasom), and a trio of girls. However, as the number of turns continues, the existence of ` Gyeongjo ` is exploding, and 、My sister is alive 、and 、My sister is alive. 、

Interestingly enough, Son Yeo-eun, who plays the role of Gusanjae, has shown a similar appearance in the past, but in the early stages of her acting career, she stood tall in the latter half of the movie. The movie, 、The Woman Wears Twice, 、appeared in 、The Woman Who Is Married, 、which portrays Chae Yeon-eun, who plays the role of 、three women, 、as a very small character. However, the more rounds of the book, the more Chargering is being driven by the characters and the presence of the characters. Interestingly enough, Son didn't seem to be looking at her acting skills, but her slim eyes and poor acting skills seem to have coincided with 、unstable Chae Rim. 、Therefore, she is not a good actress, but she is the actress of 、Three Women, 、who gave birth to the impression that the characters and actors were better suited to act well.

However, she is living in the middle of her life, and she shows her high performance with a high motivational ratio of character and actress. Therefore, 、My sister is alive, 、and 、My sister lives in harmony. 、Seeing this, you see, a weekend drama tells you that actors shouldn't be cast in the main characters ' characters, and if the characters can't catch the viewer's mind, they won't be able to bury the characters. On the contrary, I hope that actors who appear in characters who are not the main characters in the weekend will be able to keep in mind the case. The beginning is minimal, but eventually it will be the 、real hero 、of the drama.
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